I do this rice very often, because we love it, I can leave it on top of it and the next day when I come to work, I heat the oven, I put the casserole for a while and a ready meal. At home they like rice rather dry but this one in particular is juicy rather a little moist, the truth is that it is very rich. That's why I tell you that if you like broth just add a little more broth and ready ... I hope you like it as much as we do ...
Rice are two bowls and 4 bowls of broth or a bit more
2 good pieces of well desalted cod
1 whole leek
Half onion
2 carrots
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
2 red tomatoes without skin
1 bay leaf
3 tablespoons oil olive
A splash of wine that is not very acid (I albariño)
Some strands of saffron
2 branches of parsley

First of all we took out the thorns and skins, taking care not to undo a lot of cod. Put a pot on the fire with water add the spines and skins, the parsley, the leek the green part well washed the white part we reserve for the sofrito. We let grass about 15 minutes. After this time we put in and reserve.

In the casserole where we are going to make the rice, we cut all the vegetables not very small but rather chubby, add the oil the saffron threads, the bay leaf and sauté over medium heat. We take the trickle of wine and rice and sauté a little more. With the bowl to measure the rice, add four bowls of broth or a little more. Let it be done little by little and stirring occasionally.

We cut the cod into small tacos, when it starts to be soft rice we have cod tacos on top, we lower the heat to a minimum so that it is done. Remove from heat source, let stand about ten minutes.